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Thursday, May. 05, 2005 - Silent Hill Pictures

Straight from the set of Centralia/Silent Hill.

All of these pictures are changes that were made to our downtown. It's very sad but for a week our downtown actually looked decent.

Please, DO NOT, under any circumstance, save any of the pictures from this site. I may, however, grant permission to those who e-mail me and ask for it but that is not a guarantee. Thank you.

A couple of the pictures above were taken despite being asked to, well, not take any. I just couldn't help myself.

Everyone involved with the movie was so friendly, all though I'm sure they were quite annoyed with the gathering they attracted with their presence.

I watched the stunt doubles do rather boring things, a window being broken over and over and over again as well as the creation of heavy rain at night which ultimately gave me a sinus infection. That scene alone took 3 hours to perfect and all it was, was 3 cars driving through an intersection and a few people running across the street and leaving a building.

Hell, just hearing "action" and "cut" alone was huge but the highlight of this whole experience for me was being within 2 feet of Sean Bean. It was also the biggest disapointment as I didn't realize who exactly he was until it was too late.

In this shit hole town of ours it's not every day that you see celebrities so when one is right before you, you hardly think it's true. He was on his cell phone (which a friend said he was probably talking to Frodo) and quickly got into a van or I might've gathered my wits and asked for a photo and autograph.

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